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My Name is Angela, known by my children and grandchildren affectionately as GG. I'm a health enthusiast with an ever-growing passion for sharing timeless and forgotten traditional wisdom of healing, using the old-fashioned notion that 'mother nature knows best' as my guidance alongside modern day science and research to create my products which are so natural you can eat them! 


My concept is all about using the foundations of Holism and nutrient rich and naturally occurring vitamins, minerals and fats to provide you with organic skin care that works with your biology to sooth ailments from acne to scarring, rashes, eczema and even ageing skin. This must be done, chemical free and with as little intervention as possible to the natural healing capabilities of our bodies. 


This skincare has been designed to closely mimic your natural skin oils, which is perfect for people with persistent skin issues.


Throughout my studies I have learnt that the Skin care industry often makes it about the bottom line - money. The shelf life of items has been extended so much so that our products now require many preservatives and additives to make them last longer. In almost all cases, decreasing the quality and increasing your exposure to harmful toxins. 


As a mother and a Grandmother it is in my best interest to produce toxin and chemical free products that my family can use. I'm inspired by timeless recipes and long forgotten traditions of skincare. 


Because my products are so natural, (I don't even thin them out with water or cheap oils) you are getting the most potent yet gentle skincare products which last! Due to the potency and high quality ingredients and oils, you will find yourself using smaller quantities to match the higher quality of the product.


There is a lot of science and research that backs my choice in ingredients. I also believe in reducing Carbon emissions where possible, opting for recyclable packaging and eco friendly, carbon neutral delivery services is also high on my priority list.

Yours truely, Angie 

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