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My Name is Angela, known by my children and grandchildren affectionately as GG. I'm a health enthusiast with an ever-growing passion for sharing timeless and forgotten traditional wisdom of healing, using the old-fashioned notion that 'mother nature knows best' as my guidance alongside modern day science and research to create my products which are so natural you can eat them! 


My concept is all about using the foundations of Holism and nutrient rich and naturally occurring vitamins, minerals and fats to provide you with organic skin care that works with your biology to sooth ailments from acne to scarring, rashes, eczema and even ageing skin. This must be done, chemical free and with as little intervention as possible to the natural healing capabilities of our bodies. 


This skincare has been designed to closely mimic your natural skin oils, which is perfect for people with persistent skin issues.


Throughout my studies I have learnt that the Skin care industry often makes it about the bottom line - money. The shelf life of items has been extended so much so that our products now require many preservatives and additives to make them last longer. In almost all cases, decreasing the quality and increasing your exposure to harmful toxins. 


As a mother and a Grandmother it is in my best interest to produce toxin and chemical free products that my family can use. I'm inspired by timeless recipes and long forgotten traditions of skincare. 


Because my products are so natural, (I don't even thin them out with water or cheap oils) you are getting the most potent yet gentle skincare products which last! Due to the potency and high quality ingredients and oils, you will find yourself using smaller quantities to match the higher quality of the product.


There is a lot of science and research that backs my choice in ingredients. I also believe in reducing Carbon emissions where possible, opting for recyclable packaging and eco friendly, carbon neutral delivery services is also high on my priority list. 


The Essential oils 

Many essential oils are extracted using solvents which can be found within the oils we see many people putting on their skin, in their foods and even ingesting directly as the essential oil frenzy gets out of control. My Essential oils are unique as they are cold extracted. This process is a labour of love as the untarnished natural ingredient; be it frankincense or calendula flowers sit within a cold pressed oil for a minimum of 3 months to allow the natural transfusion of their essence and healing properties to occur. 


The Choice of oil 

This is a BIG one for me. It is what separates my Skincare from other 

'natural' brands out there who use predominantly sunflower oil. Not here! Again, I'm only interested in using the best. 


Not long ago I learnt about Holistic Nutrition; being Greek this comes naturally to me and seems to run in my blood. You could even say Olive oil is part of my DNA! My heritage an ancestors long-standing use of Olive oils had me thinking. We know the Greek Island of Icaria is one of the famous 'Blue zones' of the Earth - which is undoubtably connected to their food and lifestyle. I try to replicate the healthiest of traditions by creating my own olives for my family and through my cooking and skincare. 


My research into oils became very interesting when I started to unearth the hidden dangers of all Vegetable and seed oils. They are highly unstable polyunsaturated fats (yes, even at high temperatures). Yet they are one of the most proliferating ingredients in our food today - yet they wreak havoc on our internal organs, namely: the skin, the digestive system, brain health and immunity. 


If you're curious about his topic, I would recommend reading the book Deep Nutrition by Catherine Shannahan who is a renowned physician, biochemist and author. Her website also offers more details;


My belief is what we put ON our bodies is just as important as what we put IN our bodies. We should be treating this as one of the same thing, considering our skin is highly absorbent and permeable.


My choice of oils when creating high quality skin care, essential oils & even cooking; Organic cold pressed olive oil, Organic Coconut oil, Tallow, Ghee, Organic Avocado Oil, Organic cold pressed Hemp seed oil and Organic raspberry seed oil (Natural high SPF for skin care). 


The Water myth 

I see a lot of marketing on skincare products about 'hydrating your skin' by filling out products with water, under the guise that this is helping to rehydrate your skin as opposed to diluting the product and increasing their profit margins. I find this upsetting to think we can invest so much faith in these myths. Unfortunately, this is not how our skin hydrates. Your skin hydrates from the inside out! If you would like skin that glows and is more hydrated and less dry, I would recommend drinking 2.5L of water per day! 


The Collagen myth 

Quite simply put; we are born with a certain amount of Collagen which in finite. Meaning once the collagen storages have been used up - we cannot produce more. Hence why we age, some faster than others! Collagen requires building blocks which can be ingested throughout diet; but the mistake people make is thinking we can 'increase' the amount of collagen that we have in our bodies and therefore maintain elasticity of our skin (plumpness) but this is not true. We can only slow down the excess use of collagen in our system and slow down the ageing process by providing these building blocks consistently from the inside out.


What is Tallow 

Tallow is the closest thing to our own fats. Containing Vitamin, A, D, E & K and rich in collagen. Which help make up our naturally occurring skin oils. Our skin oils play major roles in slowing down the ageing process of the skin and further healing the epidermal layer from irritation, scars and infections.

Why I love what I do

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Yours truely, Angie 

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